Wednesday 26 October 2016

more from 26th october

--- We were divided to two groups. One of them had to prepare workshop and other went to tour in old town of Tallinn. We met our guide in town hall. He told us short story about boy Thomas. After that we went to the oldest pharmacy in Europe. Then we went to Orthodox Church and met priest who told us about chorus of church. We bought some souvenirs for our families and friends. Then we followed guide, who leaded us to hill, where we saw incredible city panorama. After lunch we had one and a half hour to write a project, which had to be set in our countries. Each team has to present their project by putting it on facebook. Winner will be decided tomorrow. --- Today was nice, because we got to try the new conference room, which my not be as big as the previous one, but it's still good, cozy professional. Some of us didn't vome to the trip so we made programme for the rest of the group which was supposed to return later. I really enjoyed the colm atmosphere that was taken place, and we came up with many different things. The rest came and we did what we had prepared to them. After that we had a tasty lunch: pasta with minced meat, then had some free time and went back to the conference room to start working on our projects. Overall, a calm and serene day


DAY 2-7


20.10. 2016

The day start with a total embarassing game which is called BALL GAME. It was game focused on learning names of participants of project. Our contributes, fears and expectations we wrote on created small paper figures. Program continued with presenting Erasmus plus, we get deeper to NGOs organizations and we saw some videos what Youthpass exactly is. Mission Impossible was next activity. Together we made it possible. Almost. After lunch we finally met Romanian guys, who prepared for us an energizer called OCEANS. After that they continued with presentation about ecology. In small groups we talked about voluntary too, we shared our own experiences. Day evaluation ended  the daily official program.



First of all Estonian group showed us presentation about volunteering. They presented the term “volunteering”, its history, history of volunteers, benefits for volunteers and Declaration of Volunteering. We experienced activity called “World cafĂ©”, where all participants were divided into four groups and tried to think about four questions:
What role does play environmental organization in saving nature?
Why was it necessary to proclaim Declaration of Volunteering?
What is the importance of volunteering in Europe and in the world?
How can you made more people involved in volunteering.
Participants did a really great job and came with many inspiring ideas.
Then, at the beginning of second part, Romanian group presented their organization A.T.E. Caltun – Club UNESCO. Next, the Slovak leader gave us information about SYTEV organization. Then we continued with creative activity – we made a list of qualities volunteer should have and also draw picture of ideal volunteer.
In the afternoon, each national group had a presentation about volunteering possibilities in their countries. It was focused especially on participant´s experience with volunteering.
In the evening, Estonian international presentations took place. It started with singing Estonian national anthem, then we have heard some interesting pieces of information about Estonia, learnt typical Estonian dance and tasted Estonian food and drinks.



Morning programme consisted of a debate about two topics connected with volunteering and ecology:
1. Youngsters should be agitated to volunteer.
2. Environmental problems must be solved by government.

Participants were divided into two groups in which they discussed pros and cons of the statements written above. Then five members of each group were selected to debate for YES or NO options. Other participants prepared questions for their members to ask the second group. All participants did an evaluation of this activity and wrote questions for tommorow´s meeting with NGO representative.
During the afternoon participants were searching for environmental problems in the city of Tallinn. They took a lot of photos of issues they found and also tried to think about possible solutions which may be done through the use of voluntary work.

Last part of the day was held in conference room where we prepared our blog, articles, photos and video presentations of last three days.



Our day started with the presentation. We showed, what we had done the day before and described  pictures. It was interesting but not so amazing, because we could watch those photos that day we posted them, so it was OK. After that we had to present our city’s problems what we had to prepare like a homework, but nobody did it except Romanians. The majority of problems were similar, like air pollution or garbage. 
Then we had Design challenge. We had to find a couple from another country and tell to our partner about our city. Then we had some work by ourselves, to make a solution to problem, our partner’s city has, and presented our solution to make the last changes. It was great experience in creating ideas and dealing with problems.  
After it all we had meeting with Marco, who is a volunteer  from Brazil. He was talking about „Let’s do it!“ and it was really amazing, because we learnt a lot. It was so inspiring story about this action in Estonia, what became international and more than 100 countries participate in it. 
The last part of the day we were riding a story of Abigale, to find the worst character in this and after that recreate it, to make it about eco-volunteering and we had to play it. It was the funniest part of the day, because we had too much laugh. The day ended with Lithuanian evening. We watched some videos, tasted their national food and dances. We all enjoyed it.



This day was short, and we spent it outside the conference room. We were cleaning the Kadriorg’s park, but it was too clean so we left it before deadline and were sitting in hotel, trying to relax and get warm. It was a competition, but we couldn’t find a winner because of different conditions. We decided to compete in cleaning the beach, and did it after lunch. For cleaning the park we had 2 hours, but for beach – only 1,5. We did it so fast, we found a lot of garbage and it was inspiring, because only in hour we cleaned a beach and collected 21 black backs full of trash. Well we took some photos and had fun in this team-working experience.



 This day a National Agency visited our activities. On the first activity we thought about short and long-term volunteering and presented our advertisements in creative way. After that we talked with NA and they answered to our questions and it was very interesting. On the second activity we thought about unemployment in our regions. Also we listened presentation about creating professional page. At nine o'clock there was national evening of Romania. It was funny and interesting, we learned more about this country.

Saturday 22 October 2016

Tallinn is the best

Eco-volunteers is a project held in Tallinn, Estonia between 19. and 31. of October. It is about žthe importance of eco-volunteer movement, its objectives, goals of eco-volunteer activities. We are also going to have some meetings and online conferences with experienced eco-volunteers of the largest international organizations in order to get invaluable experience.